For Women Only - Begum Samru se Begum Zeenat tak
For Women Only - Begum Samru se Begum Zeenat tak
with Gaurav Sharma


This immersion is dedicated to those phenomenal and less talked about Begum’s who consorted with powerful elite nobles and went on to rule the city. There mansions were once larger than the city palaces of royal nobility but now they lie in a state of disrepair. In this immersion we will visit the last surviving relic of their quasi-royal status.

We begin at the city place of Begum Samru and uncover why Mughal nobility, British Governor Generals, Garrison Commanders and Judges used to arrive at her residence in their phaetons, dressed in clothes of the finest cut. We will next enter a lane conceptualized by the daughter of a Mughal emperor followed by a visit to Delhi’s first all-girls school. As we now walk through the Chawri Bazar, we get into the story of the Tawaifs (highly civilized courtesans) and how they used to enrapture the Nawabs, Rajas and Sahibs with their charm, wit and Guftgu (conversation). Further down the road we will visit a beautiful mosque commissioned by the native wife of a British resident which later came to be crassly known as the “Randi ki Masjid”. Finally, we arrive at the palace of Begum Zeenat Mahal, locally known as ‘Danka Begum’ who had likings for the young, handsome boys of Hauz Qazi.

Bonus On this walk you would also get a chance to taste lip smacking delicacies of old Delhi like Jalebi, Kalme Bade, Bedmi, Nagauri Halwa, Kheer, Habshi Halwa.

Target Audience History, Culture and Story enthusiasts!
Meeting/Start Point Chandni Chowk Metro Station gate no. 5

  • Men are not allowed on this walk unless accompanied by women
  • Please contact us on the indicated numbers for any information or assistance

Gaurav Sharma's Profile
Gaurav was born in 1987 and has been a lifelong Dilliwala. He grew up amidst the multilayered culture of Delhi. He has a degree in History (honours) from Dayal Singh College, University of Delhi and subsequently he enhanced his passion for history by completing the 'INDIA: ART & CULTURE' certificate from the National Museum Institute. His experience of working in art galleries gave him a fair idea of what art connoisseurs look for. He was a history consultant with the TIMES Newspaper in Education and had a short stint at Khalsa college, St. Stephens Colleges and the Department of History at Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Delhi. His long experience of researching on historical personalities has lent him enough credentials to narrate historical events in a well researched/factual and storytelling manner.

2 Hours

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