Secrets of the Mughal Harem
Secrets of the Mughal Harem
with Gaurav Sharma


The Red Fort, which now appears dry and deserted, was once the seat of power from where the mighty Mughals ruled all of Hindustan. Being assured of their might, the Mughals indulged in a life of luxury and devised an institution called “Harem” (Seraglio) – an institution built by Akbar the great, rattled by Jehangir, disciplined by Shahjahan, simplified by Aurangzeb and corrupted by the later Mughals.

Discover how every Mughal emperor began his morning in the Harem and when attending to the duties of the empire, made sure that he leaves the ladies of the Harem under a “Z-level” security system of guards and spies Know how during these times eunuchs acquired a role of significance in the affairs of the Harem.

Find out how and why the Mughals got addicted to opium and wine, who made the Mughals heavy smokers and how “Paan” (Betel Leaf), came to define Mughal manners. Learn how the evenings of the Harem used to start. Know about the fragrances with which the Harem was scented, how the use of Attar started in the Harem and the lands the Mughals treaded to find those fragrances.

Visualize the luxurious interiors of the Harem where ladies were not allowed to walk on the bare floor and the fashionable dresses the women of the Harem devised and which are still in use today.

Know how each of the favorite women of the Mughal Harem used to get a chance to host the emperor exclusively for a night. Learn about the cleansing rituals women underwent before being placed in the emperors bed and what sort of drugs used to help the emperor pleasure multiple women in a single night. How the unsatisfied and lesbian women of the Harem used to satisfy their sexual urge and why the hospital attached to the Harem didn’t value the life of the ladies of the Harem.

Finally we will tell you how we know so much about the Mughals and their lives.

Target Audience History, Culture and Story enthusiasts!
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Gaurav Sharma's Profile
Gaurav was born in 1987 and has been a lifelong Dilliwala. He grew up amidst the multilayered culture of Delhi. He has a degree in History (honours) from Dayal Singh College, University of Delhi and subsequently he enhanced his passion for history by completing the 'INDIA: ART & CULTURE' certificate from the National Museum Institute. His experience of working in art galleries gave him a fair idea of what art connoisseurs look for. He was a history consultant with the TIMES Newspaper in Education and had a short stint at Khalsa college, St. Stephens Colleges and the Department of History at Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Delhi. His long experience of researching on historical personalities has lent him enough credentials to narrate historical events in a well researched/factual and storytelling manner.

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