“Sufiana Safar” at Nizamuddin
“Sufiana Safar” at Nizamuddin
with Gaurav Sharma


Embark on a spiritual journey to enlighten yourself – discover why “Chadars” are offered on the graves of Sufi saints, what is the common link between Sufi saints and Yogis, discover why Shaikh Nizamuddin Auliya practiced celibacy while his disciples who continued his mission did not.

Despite being a saint why did Nizamuddin Auliya never severe his familial bonds? Discover him who accorded more importance to human values than laws, had great sympathy for pious women, always went out of his way to help the poor. He who fixed allowance even for prostitutes and widows and, for whom, voluntary worship had a greater religious merit than compulsory worship. Despite having all the riches of the world at his feet why he chose to live an austere life.

Come and experience the ambience he created where people throng in large number to seek solace. Meander through those narrow streets where Kaftans, Kebabs, and Attar transport you to the 13th century.

Target Audience History, Architecture and Story enthusiasts!
Meeting/Start Point Humayun's Tomb Parking Lot

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Gaurav Sharma's Profile
Gaurav was born in 1987 and has been a lifelong Dilliwala. He grew up amidst the multilayered culture of Delhi. He has a degree in History (honours) from Dayal Singh College, University of Delhi and subsequently he enhanced his passion for history by completing the 'INDIA: ART & CULTURE' certificate from the National Museum Institute. His experience of working in art galleries gave him a fair idea of what art connoisseurs look for. He was a history consultant with the TIMES Newspaper in Education and had a short stint at Khalsa college, St. Stephens Colleges and the Department of History at Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Delhi. His long experience of researching on historical personalities has lent him enough credentials to narrate historical events in a well researched/factual and storytelling manner.

2 Hours

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Reviews (7)

Great walking tour, catching a glimpse of the culture that exists even now. Didnt know the group organizes such offbeat walks as well. Till now, have been attending just the heritage walks, that a few groups organize, but these guys are brilliant, no time outs, no tips, just plain and simple experiential walk, and speaking at length about topics. Like it
- Debashish
Experiences are very pretty. Their walks are not timed, and can go on for hours, till your questions dont end. Gaurav is brillaint at explaining facts, drawing parallels to the world that exists today. Aditi, helped craft this experience for us, and i am glad we listened to her, and attended the walk. We reached a bit late for catching our flight, but that's what experiences are for. Recommended to everyone who is new to Delhi, and who is not .
- upansa
Enchanting experience, Have read the experiences people had shared on tripadvisor, and I wanted to experience the qawali session. I loved it. Gaurav gave us an indepth talk, and we ended up leaving after 5 hours :)
- Anne
Sufism, explained very well, and I felt I was transported to another world!
- Aurya
Splendid, Walking with a meaning. Truly brilliant, specially how Gaurav in a nutshell explains facts and stories! Beautiful session as well. GointheCity, is bringing out experiences, for us Delhites, as well.
- Hitanshi
Have been living in Delhi for years and never got a chance to visit some of the old monuments around. Or sometimes we take it for granted as we live in the same city. Glad I called GointheCity and spoke to Aditi who customized the tour for us and gave us some great recommendations. Yasir took us around old Delhi giving us an over view of Delhi's rulers, cultures and settlements ages ago. We enjoyed some famous street foods along the way. Gaurav on the outer hand took us back to Mughal era with our visit to Humayun's tomb. We had an amazing experience both the times. Will call them again for more tours as I'm sure there’s a whole lot more to see in Delhi! Visited February 2017
- Megha
I've been for 2 walks with Go in the city... the Qutub walk and the Nizamuddin Dargah walk. These walks have been the most memorable, enriching and informative experiences that I've had in recent years. The best part is the personal attention that I got. Ajay, Aditi and Gaurav are the sweetest people I've come across. Would love to do more walks with them and highly recommend it to others as well.
- Bindiya Arora

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