Doggie's Day Out
Doggie's Day Out
with Whatspup


Whatspup launch event “Doggie Day Out…whats ur pup doing today!” will be held on the 31st of July 2016. The look and feel of the event will be very casual and fun. The idea that we will be promoting with the event is that one needs to spend more time with their pets and making your dog socialize with other dogs is an important responsibility of every per owner.

The event will be a day full of games and fun with your pooches…from cool splashpools to net ball play areas…from dog eating competitions to racing…we will witness a day of true bonding of petowners and their dogs. We will be having food stalls for both the furballs as well as their human counterparts. As the dogs enjoy, people can sip on beer and enjoy the music.

We will be inviting the who's who of the pet industry in delhi, animal activists, influencers, actors, socialites ,pet lovers and senior journalists.

We will be having hundred and tons of exciting activities planned for all you pet lovers and petowners. And even if you don’t have a pet, advisable is you still come by to witness the most amazing and the cutest “Doggie’s day out”

  • Games for You & Your Pooches - We want you to utilize this day to strengthen your bond with your pets. Play games with them like Find the Treat, Time to run, Who is hungry and many more and take back with you memories for a life time (and trophies of course)

    • Find the Treat - A fun game where the dog has to sniff and take out his treat from below the balls kept in a baking pan

    • Time to run - A game to make pet owners realize the importance to exercising (for both themselves and their pooches) here the owners will run with their dogs and race other pet owners and their dogs, whoever reaches the end line the fastest will win the game

    • Who is hungry - A fun game where on the whistle dogs will start eating food and whoever finishes the first will win the game

  • Splash pools - Splashpools to kill the heat for your 4 legged companion

  • Pet socializing – Socializing your dog with other dogs is an crucial responsibility of every pet owner. We have made our pooches confined to your house let them scale up the entire venue, let them feel the natural air, let them free and let them make friends with other dogs

  • Ball Pits - Cute ball pits will be available where your dog can play as much as he wants

  • Shop till you drop - You will be spoilt with choices of brands and varieties that you could buy for your pets and trust me they are going to love it too

  • Live Music and Beer - We haven’t just thought about a relaxed day for your pets but for you too. We will have a live band playing and kiosks set up for beer and food so you could sit back and relax while you pet experiences the best day of its life

Whatspup aims to make it a memorable day for you and your pet as we know that as your pet grows the daily walks are just not enough and they needs a place to run freely, roll in the mud, and generally break free of routine

Whatspup's Profile
The newest and the coolest thing is being launched in town, the most fun and non-serious brand (as the owners portray it), Whatspup. The brand goes with an underlay “Is your Dog truly happy”. Whatspup, as the name suggests is all about pets, their care, educating families on their pets, exclusive products for Pets and the food of course.

The company is formed and run by Swati Tandon and Shipra Dubey, who themselves are pet lovers and thought there was a need for a platform like Whatspup which could serve as the best possible solution for every requirement, question, issue a pet owner could have. The company just got its seed fund for an undisclosed amount by Rukmani Singh, who is also a pet lover and completely agreed with the issue that pet owner’s face, which the company plans to solve. This makes Whatspup an all women organization run by females and funded by a female.

The USP that the startup will focus on will be its luxury products, which will be specially sourced from international markets and its pet care services which includes dog trainers, doctors, boarders, groomers, though food selling and basic accessory will also be a part of the business model.

All in all Whatspup will be shaped by Pet Lovers - For Pet lovers

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