Street Photography Immersion at Connaught Place
Street Photography Immersion at Connaught Place
with Sahil


Get into the glorious and mysterious streets and the grand monuments of Connaught Place with Professional Photographer Sahil. He will help you to build and enhance your photographic skills by showing you the tricks your camera has been hiding from you. This experience takes in the some of the most popular spots in Delhi offering great photographic opportunities in all kinds of lighting conditions. All you need to know is how to hold you camera and we'll show you the rest!

What you will learn
Photography Techniques including Zoom Burst, Macro, High Speed, Long Exposure/Light Painting, Low key, High key, Panning

Additional Info
Bring your own camera – even a phone camera (above 5 MP) is sufficient to participate in this experience

Target Audience Photography enthusiasts
Meeting/Start Point Gate no. 3, Rajiv Chowk Metro Station

  • Please contact GointheCity on these numbers for any information or assistance. Aditi - 9818688010; Ajay - 9582891707

Sahil's Profile
From New to Old, Hot to Cold, Crisp to Soft, Auto to boat, Enjoy this city with me with an enjoyment level you could never have thought. Sahil has been a part of the Delhi culture since the year 2000 and just can't get enough of this beautiful city. No matter how many times you visit a place, it always feels like you have never been there before. There is always something new, something fascinating, something that makes you fall in love with this city all over again. It is hard to understand this city at first but once you do, you will feel like it was always a part of your life. Anything you touch in this city will attract you towards it, from Taj Hotel to Bittu Tikki wala, from Ambience mall to Sarojini market, from the Black and Yellow taxi cabs to the DTC buses, everything has something special in the air and you will start feeling it once you go out and OBSERVE! We will show you some of our favorite parts of this city and with the help of the photographic knowledge of your host, Sahil, we will help you experience Delhi through your lens' eye. Zoom Burst to Macro, High Speed to Long Exposure, Low key to High key, Sahil will show you a completely different world that you had never seen before.

2 Hours

Contact to Book

+91 95828 91707
+91 98186 88010

Reviews (29)

Informative and good techniques. Though session should have been longer.
- Karan Nagpal
Though it was a short but informative session..I learnt photography basics and few new techniques of capturing unique images.
- Amandeep Singh
Very Nice
- Tarun Nagpal
It was an excellent experience. Learnt alot about basics of using the camera. I believe, I would now be able to make better use of it. Thank you Sahil
- Ashutosh Gupta
A very interesting class/experience
- Prashant Astir
The class was very fun and educational
- Diwakar
The class was very educational and fun,hope to do more courses like this again soon
- Keshav
Its a wonderful time, loved my session with Sahil
- Dhruv Singh
Its a good experience.really interesting..I learned so many things related to photography..thanks to Sahil
- Amrender Puri
Good walk, maybe he should carry his tripod as well. His tips and techniques are simple and really interesting. They do provide great results. Nice.
- Ashish Juneja
Quite adept!!! Definitely excited me to learn more.. Keep up the good work Sahil.
- Ayesha Issar
We took this walk today and it was really quite informative.
- Priyanka Chaudhury
Was a nice walk, where Sahil highlighted the photography techniques. But I was expecting a basic orientation to photography. I want someone who can teach me how to manage my camera. Looking forward to the customized walk.
- Stuti Jain
I enjoyed my walk with Sahil. He has a great working knowledge of the camera. Look forward to doing more walks which are more oriented towards shooting and analyzing the photos taken. A real photo-walk, is what i would want to take up as well.
- Karan
Learned some new skills like panning, Long exposure etc.
- Kaarush Bhugra
- Dheeraj
Good experience
- Charu Puri
Friendly, good for beginers. Overall a good deal for the first timers
- Aditya Batra
Sahil was patient and encouraging
- Sharad Kumar
Everything was perfectly taught
- Ria Gupta
- Mani
It was interactive and interesting.
- Aditya Mohan
It was really nice. Sahil is nice. He is patient and teaches in a good way. Really liked it.
- Shreyans jain
The techniques demonstrated were pretty good, also Sahil was very helpful and hands on.
- Naihad Mohan
Coming from someone who loves and does a lot of photography, lacking knowledge about the camera was a big issue. Learnt a lot about the exposure settings and the styles of photography. All in all, taking home a lot a experience and knowledge tonight.
- Sahil
Interesting knowledgeable experience. Sahil is a bright photographer
- Aradhana jain
Excellence photography
- Manu Anand
Sahil was knowledgeable, had good command on topic, friendly and provided personalized guidance. He had good tips and tricks to share related to photography. Would wish to learn more from him whenever i get chance next.
- Saurabh Aggarwal
It was a amazing. Learned many new photography techniques.
- Simarnit Singh

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