Qutub Minar Heritage Immersion
Qutub Minar Heritage Immersion
with Moby


Percy Brown calls Qutub minar as “One of the most remarkable architectural monuments ever produced”.

Once the epic center of Lal kot, first of the seven major cities of Delhi, The Qutub Minar, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has never lost its importance and still attracts thousands of visitors everyday. Qutubu’d-din Aibak, favourite slave and army commander of Muhammad Ghur of Afghanistan, captured Delhi in 1206 and declared himself the first Sultan of the Slave dynasty after his master retired to his homeland. Lal Kot saw slaves like Qutubu’d-din Aibak (founder of Mamluk Dynasty), Iltutmish, Balban and an Empress, Raziya Saultan occupying the throne.

In this immersion we cover structures including the Qutub Minar, Quwwatu’l- Islam mosque, Iron pillar, Ala’i- Darwaza, Tomb of Imam Zamin, Tomb and Madrasa of Alauddin Khalji, Tomb of Shamsu’d-Din Illutmish (a self-built tomb), Alai Minar, Mosque, a Serai or rest house and a garden of the late Mughal Period.

This complex received the national award for the best maintained tourist friendly monument 2007-08. Overshadowed by the world famous monument, the Qutub Minar, it will quite interesting to explore the other buildings in the complex.

Target Audience History, and Story enthusiasts
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Moby's Profile
Passionate about history!! That’s how Moby can be best described in short. Following this passion and interest, she pursued a Masters in Degree and has been doing research and heritage walks for five years now. Her other hobbies include singing in the church choir, drawing and photography. Moby believes in narrating history in a story telling manner making it crisp, easy, understandable and interesting by adding stories and legends to it. Well history is not that boring you see!

2 Hours

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Reviews (5)

Terrific! Walked with the passionate Moby. She makes history talk, while we walk,
- Chetanya
Writing on behalf of my mother, she had a great time. She is a history buff and it was a treat she had with Moby. Very friendly and cooperative. Great experience. Thanks a lot on behalf of my mother
- Michael
Thought the audio guide could suffice, but this was a much better experience. Thanks Aditi and team for organizing this for me
- Samar
Brilliant, with the stories Moby told, the walk was made more interesting
- Nidhi
Good one. Nice and crisp
- Abhilash

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