Nehru Park Nature Walk
Nehru Park Nature Walk
with The Sausage Tree Nature Walks


Nehru park is another one of our lovely South Delhi Parks - beautifully landscaped on undulating terrain.The rocky boulders are probably part of the Aravalli range which dates back 1500 million years, lending the gardens beauty and character.The one stark difference between this park and Lodhi Gardens is that here one mainly finds a wide array of exotic trees unlike Lodhi Gardens which has a mix. Both parks have their unique essence and beauty.

The Sausage Tree Nature Walks's Profile
A commerce student, with a majors in psychology, Kavita Prakash has been trained as a news reader, and has professionally baked brownies for the last 23 years. 'The Sausage Tree ' Nature walks was started by her, on a very simple premise - to share her newly acquired knowledge with friends having a like-minded interest in nature. The basic information that she offered to them drew so much wonder and interest that she decided to make forays into residential colonies, city parks and forests taking citizens closer to their immediate environment by simply identifying trees (by their common names) and by sharing interesting facts.

The Sausage Tree Nature Walks’ have been named after the only exotic tree species of the 13, planted in the avenues of Lutyen’s Delhi. These walks found their genesis in Kavita's inherent love for nature that, over the decades, has evolved into a passion for trees which, she decided to share. Delhi, being the greenest capital in the world, provides a great platform to do so.

The intent of The Sausage Tree Nature Walks is not to pile the participant with knowledge but rather to spark his light of interest and set him wondering! The experience will take you one step closer to nature wherein suddenly your seemingly silent environment will take on an identity and come alive to you.

2 Hours

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We discovered a new dimension that didn't exist previously for us, with Ms Kavita. I loved doing this walk on my recent trip from the US
- Gurdeep

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