Night Photography at the Red Fort
Night Photography at the Red Fort
with Parth


Our aim to conduct this tour is to take you through the basics of night photography at the Light and Sound Show at the Red Fort. It will be a great opportunity to indulge in some basics relating to this genre while enjoying a blast from the past. We shall also be discussing in deep about the lenses, depth of field, ISO setting, composition techniques, correct tripod mounts and various modes on your camera and how to control them in order to make the most of it.

The Light and Sound show is a one hour spectacle that takes place every evening inside the Red Fort. The show is a spectacular display of Delhi’s history and the events related to the city - a story that is told in the form of lights and sound. The show covers history from the times of the Pandavas when Indraprashtha was founded, right to the times of Prithviraj Chuahan, Sher Shah Suri, Razia Sultan, Humayun, Bahadur Shah Zafar and the British era.

Parth's Profile
Parth is a professional photographer with over three years of experience in photography across various genres. However, travel photography remains his forte. Having undertaken assignments in the past for Explore Tours (where he assisted Tim Allen of Human Planet), FareHawker and Photoxia, he recently opened up his own travel and photography venture called, Spectatus Traveller. His photography works can be seen here:

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Reviews (12)

Parth, we had a great time with you. Photography we practiced very well with you!
- Shaleen
Great techniques taught. Was a nice time we had. Interesting way to spend our time.
- Kamal
We loved it. Didnt know about this show. Gointhecity, pls share more such walks information with us
- Kapil Joshi
Great place, time and company to enjoy your evening. A must do for history, photography buffs and just about everyone will love it
- Sujata
Great concept. Took this walk with Parth, and we had kids as well, he ensured he made all of us have a great time.
- Janet
Delhi Tourism should be doing these shows more often, and at other locations as well. Parth and Gointhecity, excellent identification. Price point is also great. Superb!
- Tarini
Blast from the past! Lovely! Am glad we joined Parth on this tour. We all loved it! Super!
- Aarush
A little boring. But worth the money.
- Danish Ahmed
We didn't know there is a light and sound show that exists here n this part of Delhi. We loved our experience. Had a great time
- Farid
Lovely. Good place to capture photography.
- Gayatri
Nice experience. Good initiative to bring out such offbeat initiatives.
- Himangi
Good walk with Parth. He is very well versed with the place. Red Fort seen in a different light!
- Divya

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