Photographer's Delight across Nature
Photographer's Delight across Nature
with Parth


The Delhi zoo conserves many wildlife animals which include about 78 species of birds by themselves, like- Egret little, parakeet large Indian, pelican rosy, vulture white etc. Among the goals of wildlife conservation, the central zoo authority has assigned role to the national zoological park in conservation breeding of the species. Keeping this in mind the National Zoological Park had done some noteworthy work. This is going to be a day full of acquainting ourselves with the efforts of Delhi Zoo in conserving and breeding the animals, and especially birds while concentrating on the act of birding and bird photography which is an art in itself.

Join us on this trip as we understand the birds and their natural habitat, while capturing some great pictures and attempt to make a great day out of it.

Our aim to conduct this tour is to take you through the basics of birding and bird photography in New Delhi. Delhi sees roughly over 800 species of migratory birds in a year. It will be a great opportunity to indulge in some basics relating to this genre while enjoying and probably getting to know a few things about their natural habitat. Photographing birds requires a great deal of discipline and patience to create an effective composition that captures the beauty and nuances of a bird in all its forms - When in flight, when not in flight etc. All of these shots do call upon your photographic knowledge, plus a little bit of luck.

It is a great joy among photographers to capture a bird in flight, or while hunting for fishes. And while we concentrate on these moments, we tend to forget about a few compositional techniques. In this photowalk, we aspire to pay close attention to those. We shall also be discussing in deep about the lenses, depth of field, ISO setting, composition techniques, correct tripod mounts and various modes on your camera and how to control them in order to make the most of it.

Parth's Profile
Parth is a professional photographer with over three years of experience in photography across various genres. However, travel photography remains his forte. Having undertaken assignments in the past for Explore Tours (where he assisted Tim Allen of Human Planet), FareHawker and Photoxia, he recently opened up his own travel and photography venture called, Spectatus Traveller. His photography works can be seen here:

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Reviews (12)

Great treasure, dont know why isnt Government doing initiatives like these more often. Gointhecity, let me know on the other initiatives you come up with
- Kush
We had a nice time with Parth. Experienced the migratory birds in Delhi's awesome winter weather. We learnt a lot, needless to say, thanks Parth
- Akash Jain
Great idea to get kids to enjoy birds and animals. Lovely!
- Shalini
Experienced birds in their natural surrounding. It was really nice how Parth was spotting the birds, based on their nesting habits. Very nice techniques shared
- Rakhi Dave
Amazing walk! Thanks Parth for the lovely dose of photography and birding concotion
- Nitin
I am a college student and am fond of photography, this walk was a great value for money, and I learnt a lot from Parth in the 2 hours i spent with him,
- Gyan Singh
The walk is meant for the beginners. I was looking forward to a more advanced level.
- Ayesha
I decided to take this tour in winters, and there were a lot of migratory birds we captured. A group of 7 people we were in this walk, and each of us had a great time. Parth was courteous and helped the group enjoy as well as learn. Worth the money!
- Soumya Ranganathan
Its really tough to capture wildlife and birds in flight mode, but Parth helped us learn some great techniques! Would have been happier had the walk started a little earlier, but as we were told, the timings have to coincide with the Zoo opening time.
- Siddharth Nigam
We had a rocking time! The walk is very high on the technical angle as well. Parth knows the advanced techniques and has the ability to pass on his skills to us
- Supriya
Bird photography session was very informative. Parth told us about different kinds of birds and their nesting and migration as well as how to click them while in flight. Look forward to more sessions!
- Rajeev Mullick
Bird photography at the National Zoological Park organized by GointheCity was a great experience. The photo tour was well guided by the mentor, Parth. I learned many new techniques in bird photography. I look forward to gain more experience and knowledge of Photography from such sessions of GointheCity
- Debashis

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