Capture Desi Change of Guards Ceremony at the Rashtrapati Bhawan
Capture Desi Change of Guards Ceremony at the Rashtrapati Bhawan
with Parth


Indulge in the history and photography lesson at the publicly accessible areas of the Presidential Estate, trying to click the reflections of the North and South block from the fountain nearby, or some early morning street shots, or the panning shots across the parliament. An endeavour to make the morning fun filled for all you enthusiasts out there!

Bonus Feature - The Change of the Presidential Guard Ceremony

A military tradition whose origins are lost in antiquity. From time immemorial, guards and sentries at palaces, forts and defence establishments change periodically to enable a fresh body of troops take charge. This was first opened to public in 2007. In this ceremony, mainly the old and new guard consists of a troop from the president's body guard (PBG) and another platoon drawn from one of the numerous regiments of the Indian army. A huge military band is also present to provide accompaniment.

The seating is just within the majestic gates on the red graveled path that leads to the Jaipur column and the main entrance. And when you turn back you see the road going right up to India gate. The horses are well-fed and extremely well-muscled / exercised and very well trained – not a step out of place most of the time...! Don’t you think it could be a great click?

Everything is so brilliantly managed, the armed personnel, the horses, the buildings, the gardens, the Lutyens’ avenues shining brightly in the morning with this perfectly synchronized act which has now become a custom in our city.

Do join us on this exciting visual tour as we get a better insight into street photography, and create some really beautiful compositions while exploring our own city, as we get to know it, slightly better....

Parth's Profile
Parth is a professional photographer with over three years of experience in photography across various genres. However, travel photography remains his forte. Having undertaken assignments in the past for Explore Tours (where he assisted Tim Allen of Human Planet), FareHawker and Photoxia, he recently opened up his own travel and photography venture called, Spectatus Traveller. His photography works can be seen here:

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Reviews (7)

True form of exploring Delhi. Nice. Enjoyed every bit
- Mahendra Sharma
Great experience in Delhi. Read about this walk in a leading events daily! Glad I could catch it!
- Jayanti
Went there with my college friends! Lovely! Parth is a great host!
- Astha Jain
Superb time spent!
- Latika Relan
Nice concept. We have seen the change of guards ceremony at London, but it was nice to witness the one in Delhi. We didnt even know about the ceremony and are glad that interesting walks like these are being organized. These are offbeat and very informative. Gointhecity, please plan more of such offbeat walks!
- Amit Arya
Delightful walk with Parth. Though this doesnt really qualify as a photo walk, but one really enjoys the ceremony at the Rashtrapati Bhavan. My kids and me had fun, going around with the well informed Guide, Mr Parth. He gave us a wonderful account of the place. Discovered Delhi, while having a good time.
- Raj Vidyan
Enjoyed the ceremony today.Good session with Parth. Be more precise with rendezvous point.Great opportunity to know more about the Rashtrapati Bhavan & things we did not know existed in our city
- Adesh Sidhu

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