Nandi Valley Vignettes - Walk through History !!
Nandi Valley Vignettes - Walk through History !!
with Siddharth Raja


"Walk historically" with our specially curated heritage walking tour where we will retrace vignettes of the “John Company”-walas, the forgotten histories of Major Gowdie and General William Medows, under the command of Charles, The Earl Cornwallis

Join us on a history walk that begins in the foothills of Nandi Hills, on the northern slope near to the footsteps going up to the top.

The footsteps going up the hill were originally built by Hyder Ali and later his son, Tipu Sultan. Tipu built a small masjid at the foothills in the village of Sultanpet that he founded.

After exploring the masjid, we will walk down this path to the village of Sultanpet, describing the battle that was fought here between Tipu's soldiers and the British under Cornwallis. We will examine the rich history of the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries.

We will then walk through the village of Sultanpet taking in a few sights -- the village grove, the village tank or 'kalyani' and the village gates. Walking on for a further kilometer, the tour will explore the abandoned British cemetery outside Sultanpet, before walking alongside fields and vineyards into the village of Nandi.

At Nandi, we will discover the centuries old Bhoganandishwara temple, where the tour ends, after going through its famous portals, mantapas, verandahs and kalyani.

Siddharth Raja's Profile
He is an alumni of National Law School (India's leading Law School), a local Nandi resident and a fanatical history buff. What began as "taking friends around the place" has now grown into a full-fledged "professional" walk. This walk is a means for him to share his knowledge and passion for history with interested folks while getting to spend Sunday mornings in the beautiful Nandi Valley.

4 Hours

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