A Heritage Walk at the Mehrauli Archaelogical Park
A Heritage Walk at the Mehrauli Archaelogical Park
with Parth


A civilization is a heritage of beliefs, customs, and knowledge slowly accumulated in the course of centuries, elements difficult at times to justify by logic, but justifying themselves as paths when they lead somewhere. Funnily, enough this paradox holds true for Delhi - A civilization of thousands of years and yet having architectural evidences of only a few hundreds. Where did the remaining ones go? Did they even go anywhere, or are they still buried in the sands of time, waiting for their stories to be told? To be heard of their glorious past, that led to the building of this extraordinary city… brick by brick

This week we unravel a yet another remarkable chapter in the history of its city - Mehrauli! The place where it literally all began! Mehrauli is the first city of Delhi and also the most inhabited. Over the years, even when the capital shifted, this part of the city was never abandoned. This really means that, as the dynasties changed, the political scenario intensified and the river changed its course, Mehrauli continued to be inhabited. This part of the city is nothing short of a treasure hunt, with more than 180 monuments and other heritage structures to boast of, and that too by no means is a comprehensive list.

As we skedaddle through the Gandhak ki Baoli, Adham Khan’s Tomb, Zafar Mahal, the Yogmaya Temple, Hijron ki mazaar, Jamali Kamali mosque, Rajon ki Baoli, Metcalfe’s folly, we unravel an era of Delhi which we never knew existed. From the time of Tomars, who ruled Delhi 300 years before the advent of the Mughals, to the British Raj, Mehrauli has been a grand witness to these all! Join us, as we attempt to understand the magnificence that is of this city, its stories, the grandeur that once persisted and how it was reduced a state of ruins as it stands today. As we begin the walk through it’s’ labyrinths, we attempt to question a few stigmas, that surround these ruins, and hopefully by the end of it… We find ourselves with a few answers!

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Parth is a professional photographer with over three years of experience in photography across various genres. However, travel photography remains his forte. Having undertaken assignments in the past for Explore Tours (where he assisted Tim Allen of Human Planet), FareHawker and Photoxia, he recently opened up his own travel and photography venture called, Spectatus Traveller. His photography works can be seen here: www.facebook.com/spectatustraveller.

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Reviews (7)

Great places covered here. Experienced and a good natured guide!
- Yadudeva
It was a little difficult to get here, meeting point details were a little tricky! but once we started the tour, it was very nice.
- Akshay
Parth is a great storyteller, walk with him, and uncover the untold stories.Discovered an area, i grew up in, but had no idea about!
- Nitin Gupta
Too many places covered in the walk. Maybe a few places could be left out, while the walk is happening. All in all a good walk with a great company!
- Ryia
Parth knows his stuff and it was a pleasure doing the walk with him. The walk was nice, have passed this area so many times, but the first time I ventured into the Park! Good job!
- Namita Sethi
Walk with Parth was informative. He explained history with passion and has complete knowledge of the Archaeological Park. It was organised well and I had a good time.
- Adesh Sidhu
It was an amazing experience with GointheCity to explore the Mehrauli Archaeological Park. It was a very informative and relaxed walk. A must do for everyone.
- Papiya Banerjee

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