Up, Close and Personal with the Mughals at the Red Fort
Up, Close and Personal with the Mughals at the Red Fort
with Gaurav Sharma


In this immersion, explore the famed Red Fort which witnessed the Zenith, the decline and the decimation of Mughal Power.

Find out what a Greek God is doing in a Mughal monument, discover why the Diwam-e-Aam (Hall of Public Audience) was blocked from the view of the common man, see the spot where even an elephant used to bow to the emperor, find the site of moonlight picnics and learn much more. Kids really love the outdoor experiences that include quizzes, and various activities related to the walk. Meant for the entire family, for moms, dads and kids, in which all participate in the puzzles and quizzes, and take an immersive learning experience home with you.

Monuments Covered Lahori Gate, Chatta Chowk, Naqqar Khana, Diwan-i– Aam, Sawan – Bhadon Pavilion, Hayat Baksh Garden, Nahar-i-Bahisht, Harem, Moti Masjid, Diwan-i-Khas, Mussamam Burj, River Gate, Rang Mahal, Zinat Mahal

Target Audience Schoolgoing Children
Meeting/Start Point Red Fort Ticket Counter

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Gaurav Sharma's Profile
Gaurav was born in 1987 and has been a lifelong Dilliwala. He grew up amidst the multilayered culture of Delhi. He has a degree in History (honours) from Dayal Singh College, University of Delhi and subsequently he enhanced his passion for history by completing the 'INDIA: ART & CULTURE' certificate from the National Museum Institute. His experience of working in art galleries gave him a fair idea of what art connoisseurs look for. He was a history consultant with the TIMES Newspaper in Education and had a short stint at Khalsa college, St. Stephens Colleges and the Department of History at Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Delhi. His long experience of researching on historical personalities has lent him enough credentials to narrate historical events in a well researched/factual and storytelling manner.

2 Hours

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Reviews (1)

i went for two walks organised by gointhecity...the red fort- up close and personal with the mughals and ferozshah the city of non djinns... both the walks were a delight. i have been living in delhi for 15 years but these walks made me realise the cultural and the historical depth of our capital. gaurav conducted our walks with such passion and interest that time literally flew.. both the walks lasted god 3-4 hours and there was not a second we got bored or even looked at the time. he is extremely knowledgeable and friendly...he answered all our questions with utmost patience..kudos to gointhecity and gaurav... looking forward to attending more and more of such delhi walks... highly recommend it to others too.. you will start looking at delhi with a new perspective!!! Visited November 2016 Source : Tripadvisor
- Prolima T

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