The Artist and his Muse - A Photowalk in the 'Little Tibet' of Delhi
The Artist and his Muse - A Photowalk in the 'Little Tibet' of Delhi
with Parth


Delhi truly is a melting pot! A unique culture, a glorious history and a very rich heritage to be proud of - from the ruins of Mehrauli, to the high rise towers of Gurgaon Cyber City; from the delicious street food of Bengali sweet market to the elegant boutiques of Hauz Khas, from the elaborate Mughal durbars at the old city (or Shahjahanabad), to the its anglo-gothic counterpart at Lutyens'. Delhi is a fascinating story, discovered and lost time and again. Each time you step out to explore a little bit more about this city, you wind up with more questions than answers. That's the beauty of this city. Many artists, poets, painters, travellers, writers, photographers have made Delhi, their muse. This week, we set to discover yet another remarkable chapter in the history of this city. Ever since India attained independence, Delhi has been home to various communities and this has made it the bustling metropolitan city that it is today. In 1959, the world witnessed the Tibetan upraising which resulted in the people seeking refuge in Delhi, thus forming the "Tibetan Refugee Colony", more popularly known as Majnu ka Tilla or Samjeling (which literally means little Tibet). This week at our photo walk we shall put our lens in action, while clicking the people, the local food, the culture, and the Buddhist temples of Majnu ka Tilla. Away from their homeland, these refugees earn their livelihood by means of running hotels, eateries, shops, parlors etc. Over the years this tiny colony has become a favorite among travelers and locals alike. Food stalls, restaurants, retail shops, bookshops, curio shops, craftsmen, posters - all with a little bit of Tibet stored in them are lined up cramped in the alleys between closely built houses. This little colony is a favorite for foodies too, because of its authentic Tibetan food. From sausages to steaks, from Momo's to Chowmein, it has its own authentic Tibetan touch altogether. The retail shops are a favorite too stocking all that is fashionable today. From authentic hand made products to the better known brands, jewelry to posters - everything can be found here. With so many activities, it is heaven for photographers to gather and explore a little bit more in a very unique way, and eventually capture them onto their lens.

We shall be practicing street photography here in capturing a slice of life of Delhi's very own little Tibet. What it takes to be a good documentary and street photographer - understanding the light and capturing that decisive moment. Henri Cartier Bresson had famously once said about street photography - "Photography is, for me, a spontaneous impulse coming from an ever attentive eye which captures the moment and its eternity." In this photo walk, we shall get to know more about the attentive eye, and the decisive moment that he was talking about. Exploring a place, seeing it in a different light, and capturing it on your lens - we invite you to do it all in this experience! To not just visit a place and click it, but to understand and explore it in all its myriad ways. Because, it is not just about putting a lens in front of your subject. It is also about having knowledge about it! Join us on this exciting visual tour as we get a better insight into street photography, and create some really beautiful compositions while exploring our own city, as we get to know it, slightly better...

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Parth is a professional photographer with over three years of experience in photography across various genres. However, travel photography remains his forte. Having undertaken assignments in the past for Explore Tours (where he assisted Tim Allen of Human Planet), FareHawker and Photoxia, he recently opened up his own travel and photography venture called, Spectatus Traveller. His photography works can be seen here:

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Having attended a walk earlier with Parth, i so wanted to walk in the bylanes of Majnu ka Tilla, and explore the hidden pockets. Parth is a fun guy, and his stories of the locality, were really good to hear. Choosing the apt photography locations, hidden in the nooks and corners, we really had a good time photographing some real classics. Would be great if the walk around the Yamuna can also be included in this.
- Anu Bajpai

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