Walk Back in History at Lodhi Garden
Walk Back in History at Lodhi Garden
with Anupama


Nicknamed as ‘Mecca of lovers’ or ‘Joggers Paradise’, this 90 acre garden is beautifully landscaped with well laid pathways and plants all along .The design of the garden, planting of trees and the placing of pathways was done in such a way that the structures stand out and has been laid on the principles of the English landscape. Monuments in the garden include:

  • Muhammad Shah’s Tomb, built in 1444 by Ala-ud-din Alam Shah,

  • Sheesh Gumbad, with beautiful glazed blue tiles,

  • Bara Gumbad, with a massive dome and a mosque on one side and a rest house on the other built in 1494 during the reign of Sikandar Lodhi,

  • Sikandar Lodhi’s Tomb built in 1517 in the middle of a fortress,

  • Athpula bridge built during Mughal Emperor Akbar’s reign, etc.

One of the best ways to spend your weekends here with friends and family. As we walk through the winding paths within the gardens, we take a step back in time to understand how the Sayyid, Lodhi, Mughal and British Eras shaped the history and present blueprint of Delhi.

The Lodhi Garden is known for its beautiful landscape and flora. It attracts people from all walks of life and ages. Nestled within the gardens are monuments from four historic eras, which give a glimpse into the history of Delhi. Each monument has a unique signature of the architecture of that period. It is rightly said by a historian, Lucy Peck, that the climax of the Sayyid and Lodhi tombs can be clearly found in the tombs in the garden.

The Lodhi Gardens is a haven of natural heritage including a hundred species of trees such as Bottle palms, Palaash, Mango tree, Jamun tree etc, many birds including parakeets, mynah, woodpeckers, barbet, hoopoe, kingfisher etc, flowers and butterflies. There are many things that the place offers such as National Bonsai Park and the butterfly conservatory.

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Anupama is a Debater, Trekker, Backpacker, Poet, Blogger and an aspiring Librarian. She has three obsessions that make life beautiful - travelling, books and music. Anupama is a traveler not just by choice - she was bestowed with a gypsy life by the virtue of being the daughter of an Air Warrior! In the past 22 years, she has been to all the four corners of the nation, lived in more than 7 cities and befriended numerous awesome souls. For the last 4 years, Delhi has been her home.

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Reviews (11)

Very basic facts that we Delhites also didnt know about, were covered by her in the walk. We had fun. Very affordable and very apt timing. The 2 hours ensured, our attention didnt wander. History usually becomes boring, but she made us all fall in love with Delhi's past.
- Mukul
We had a very good time with Anupama. She is well read about the historical area. The ease with which she orates the stories, she really loves her subject. Am really glad that people like her, are bridging the gap between the history that is lost and people like us.
- Rahat
Anupama is a great host. She was there on time, the coordination with her was seamless.We had a fun time. She has a great repository of facts and stories around the area. We had a good time. Enjoyed a nice breakfast at the IHC later on as well.
- Shilpa Nandi
The walk is very nicely designed and one gets time to explore the place properly. Facts and stories narrated make it really entertaining. Kids had a good time chasing the butterflies in the repository. Nice way to keep the kids occupied in thir summer vaccations.
- Abha Patel
1) The host was a very friendly and pleasant host. She had great knowledge on the subject and had very interesting stories to share. 2) Punctuality: the tour started on time, always appreciated. 3) Duration of the tour: It was precise, to the point, no time wastage and we covered everything quickly.
- Karan
- Rohit Goenka
- Aditya Prakash
The warm host, overall hospitality, the interesting anecdotes, and the entire tour in the form of a narrative was good. One of the best things to have happened in the weekend.
- Sanghmitra Singh
The host was well-read about the history of the monuments and was able to highlight the fascinating facts behind the Lodhi and Saiyyad dynasties. Also, she being a Delhite, was able to suggest places peppered around the city which linked to the history behind the Lodhi garden.I still remember the Hindu architectural influences like the 'Kalash', and 'Chhatri' which she pointed out. Also, the blue stone 'Lapis lazuli' remanants in the monuments. Certainly a good outing if someone wants to soak in the historical and architectural splendour of Lodhi garden..
- Amit Pallath
A complete history of sultanate at one place
- Abhay
It was informative, and everything I had hoped for. I felt it was a bit rushed, could've been a bit more detailed.
- Namit

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