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Clay Play
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Beginning to work with Clay is the start of an adventure!! Pottery can be a mild interest, consuming little of your time or money, or it can become a major part of your life. So take that first step into discovering the joys of Clay!! Learn how to work with clay, shape it...roll it.... pinch it.... add texture to create fun objects such as animal forms, vegetables shapes, masks, etc.

If you are just starting out, it is a good idea to try out pottery in this 2 hour session that involves learning a hand building technique & creating an art piece using it. Clay Station is an initiative to promote pottery as a hobby in India. Clay Station offers recreational options to learn and practice clay modeling and pottery for all age groups through their workshops and training programs. So come over & play with clay!!

ClayStation Art Studios's Profile
Clay Station is a Bangalore-based creative clay studio, for the experienced, aspiring and recreational potter. A collective of enthusiastic artists, Clay Station grew out of our infectious passion for the art form. In our effort to share the therapeutic and creative joys of clay, we try our best to make pottery as accessible to you as possible.

2 Hours

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Reviews (10)

Summer vacations and kids wanted to take up something new. Brilliantly executed
- Arti
Really amazing! The team is well aware and they teach the kids in a very nice manner!
- Shreya
Kids loved this!
- Radhika
Got to Learn the some of the basics of clay modelling. Better if it is a one day workshop or at least 2-3 hours longer. Could not get to experience the potters wheel. Had to hurry up in the end to finish the model chosen.
- Anonymous
It was amazing to learn something new, create something with your own hands and do something different that regular stuff. Perhaps a bit of training on various techniques before we do things on our own would have helped. Also encouraging to take slightly difficult models to make would have been good."
- Hiren
- Janani Hariharan
- Anonymous
Getting to know about the minute details about clay making was good.
- Shubha Ranganath
The instructor, location, people, weather.. Just about everything was good! Loved every bit of it. It was so well planned! Just want to know when I can pick up the pieces we made.
- Shirin Kaur
The tutor, studio and overall experience of playing with the clay was good Time duration was not so good. As per book my show it was of 1.5 hours. Whereas when we reached there after the basic knowledge and demonstration, the tutor suggested that we can stay for another hour or so. Had there been no time restriction (duration of the activity) I would have stayed further and not planned any other activity.
- Richa Bajaj

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