The Lodhi Gardens – A Tryst with Nature

#Serene #Nature #Jogging #Yoga #EscapeFromUrbanLife #Picnic #Shopping #Drinks&Snacks #NaturePhotography #DogWalk. Yes, all of these Hashtags describe the grand blessing to the our capital -The Lodhi Gardens which is also immortalized by Khushwant Singh in several of his personal memoirs.

Every city has many places to visit, which makes one feel aloof from the chaos of everyday life, with a feeling of being one with nature. This time of the year, between the summers and monsoons when the grass is lush green, is the best place to experience the Lodhi Gardens which stands majestically over 90 acres of land.

Brief walk through the history

Like a centerpiece magnifies the beauty of a table and makes a meal more appealing, the many tombs inside the gardens serve to the experience that is offered by the place. The tombs were built by the Sayyid’s (1414-1451) and the Lodhi’s (1451-1526), who once ruled the Delhi sultanate. The park was originally named Lady Hardinge, the then British viceroy’s wife.

Architectural uniqueness of the tomb:

The gardens are home to one of Delhi’s earliest octagonal tombs with a no-walled compound. The reason of this is said to be a collapse of the walls somewhere in history or the shortage of money during its construction. The tomb is beautifully surrounded by royal palms, like a necklace, and has a veranda running around it with three arched openings on each of the eight sides.



Don’t forget to take

  1. Your picnic bag since this place is paradise for picnickers
  2. Your camera to have those moments with the nature captured
  3. Your Jogging shoes, nobody will stop you from running on the grass or the pavement which runs all along
  4. Your favorite books to read. You may also encounter many book club meetings being held here so a surprise treat might be awaiting book-lovers!
  5. Your Dog – allowed only during the daytime

Some treat awaits the foodie as well 

There are many restaurants overlooking the place with a varied menu. Furthermore, the place is near Khan Market and Khanna market which house some of the most popular restaurants in the area.

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