Mandi House: The Cultural Hub of Delhi

“The Metro station?”, you might ask. But you might not have ever given a second thought as to how culturally rich this place is. Mandi House has evolved over the years into the hub where many sculptures and other forms of art have found shelter. Did you know that the name was coined from the bungalow of the King of Mandi that was located here? Mandi is a place in Himachal Pradesh. The King stayed in this house after New Delhi was declared the capital of India in 1911. The Mandi House has since been rebuilt as the Doordarshan Office.

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There is more to know and understand about the country’s history while admiring the art works that have found home at this place. How often do we pass by the Mandi house Metro station hardly aware of the areas richness.

Join Go in the city, on an exciting and short visit to the Mandi House area this weekend along with your friends and family.

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