Local Experience? Whats that?

A very common question and one that we will not get tired of answering. Let us start by giving you an idea of what we are all about.

GoInTheCity is a startup, founded by IIM-Ahmedabad alumni, enabling travelers and tourists to find and book awesome local experiences, walking tours and in-destination activities, online. We are on a mission to connect travelers to locals while providing a superior experience focused on our customers and local hosts. 

Experiences can be provided in any category. A representative, but by no means comprehensive, list of categories includes food & drink, photography, cooking, music, shopping, arts, culture, history, nightlife, cycling, motorbiking and learning to name a few. Experiences typically are of 1-4 hours in duration and aim to provide insights into something local to travelers. Imagine yourself as a traveler visiting a new city – wouldn’t you just love it if you had a local friend there who could show you around? That is exactly what we aim to do – provide local experiences to travelers with you acting as their local friend and getting paid for it!

Who is an Experience Host?

A traveler, working professional, student, writer, artist, musician, photographer, chef, biker, outdoor sports enthusiast, housewife – you could be just about anyone! As long as you meet the given criteria, you can be an experience host:

  • You are a local inhabitant of your city and know it well (well, parts of it), or
  • You have a skill that you can impart to travelers with a local flavor. For e.g. Photo walks around the Lodhi Garden, Nuances of local music/instruments, Dining with a local family (could be your home!) etc.
  • You love making friends and exchanging cultures/experiences
  • You are well spoken and confident of delivering a great experience to travelers

What’s in it for the Experience Host?

  • A sizable income while doing what you love – you decide the fee for the experience and that minus our commission is your income
  • Something to put on your CV by developing your soft-skills and gaining experience in the travel industry. Think about it – how many people you know can boast about having done something of the sort
  • The opportunity to make new friends and learn new cultures
  • All of the above at your convenience and schedule

Inspired? Create your experience here or copy & paste this link in your web browser: http://goo.gl/forms/UerPLdQbMm