Keep Walking

There are times I wonder – why does my mind always long to travel?
Travel to new unexplored places,
Travel to crazy shopping trips,
Travel to make the unknown known,
Travel to meet someone I haven’t seen for long,
Travel for adventures,
Travel to indulge in the local experiences,
Travel to do unexpected and unplanned things,
Travel to feel alive

Still I never thought that this place which would be my new home for a few days would give me such an adrenaline rush in such a short period of time. I came to Delhi for my MBA and this walk made me fall in love with the concept of it. It was the first week in a new place, and my friend took me to a Rahagiri event at Connaught Place where I experienced so much in just a couple of hours. This event made me a fan of local walks and made me realize why such customized walks are gaining importance.

India has always been famous for such walks with the difference being that they have always been pilgrimages, be it Rameswaram or Kashi and Pariah. A walk affords a splendid opportunity to come in contact with a variety of people and converse with them and thus understand the widely differing nature of people’s thoughts, self-realization of their shortcomings and help to evolve a feeling of fellowship. The sheer number of things that can be seen opens our eyes to the fact that this world is a large, secretive one; giving us the privilege of studying the customs and habits of locals. These walks afford ample scope for closely observing nature in its different settings and help us to appreciate its beauty.

Thrills of Walking Tours are many.

We, at GoInTheCity, invite you to indulge in these amazing experiences to try and find yourselves. As it is rightly said – If you are facing the right direction, all you have to do is keep walking.