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What is GointheCity?

An online marketplace for local experiences in the form of Walks, Activities and Workshops

What do we do?

We connect you to people who serve as your local friend - whether you are a traveler or a resident out to discover your city. We work with individuals, businesses and establishments to create unique, curated experiences for you

What are these experiences about?

Our walks are designed to showcase a slice of life/history/unique aspect of a place. They are intended for travelers seeking a truly local experience and, residents, seeking a more enriching leisure experience compared to the usual mall and multiplex options. Categories include a mix of heritage, food, photography, nightlife, culture, shopping, treks. hobby and wellness workshops

I consider myself somewhat of an 'expert' in heritage walks. I've taken umpteen walks in india and abroad for the past many years. The idea to take a walk with a guide is that they decontruct a place layer by layer so that you can rake in as much as possible in a limited amount of time.

Some moments stay frozen in time-and come back later to delight. Magic doesn't always happen; quite often it needs to be created with a sense of purpose, so as to leave beautiful moments and memories. Just a visit to the Red Fort or Taj Mahal isn't good enough. You want to be able to get a whiff of the times, be caught up in the legends and feel the love and pain. That is what stays with you. You want to hear the voices of the time, echoing down the years and you want to have someone weave the ancient tapestry alive before your eyes. That then is magic.

Thank you GointheCity for a wonderful initiative taken by someones labour of love for ones city. Salute!

Vish S. (Attended the "Visiting the Red Fort - The Real Ruby of Delhi" walk)

Who hosts the Walks?

Serious, freelancing hobbyists who are passionate about history, food, photography, nightlife, culture, shopping etc. or professionals in their field. They are urban, well educated and need a channel to share their skills or a way to monetize their passion without having to worry about how to market their skills. They belong to all walks of life and, unlike tour guides, are self learned out of their own interest. They are people who either have deep knowledge of a place obtained through self-learning or have a hobby and are deeply passionate about it

Are these experiences curated?

Absolutely. We personally curate these experiences with the help of experts in the field to ensure the content is of the highest quality. Hosts go through a selection process which includes a verification of their background through multiple channels, reference checks and experience assessment through sample walks. Only the highest quality of experiences make the cut.

Can I become a host with you?

Of course! As long as you are passionate about something, we can help you create a tour with us! All you need to do is fill up a form with details of what you have in mind and List Your Experience

I do not know yet what I can host

No problem! We are here to brainstorm with you on what will be the most suitable for you. Give us a call or drop us an email and we will catch up with you over a cup of coffee to figure something out

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I have been associated with Gointhecity for quite sometime now and feel that they are differently placed in their service offerings. Everyone can find something of their travel taste and interest at Gointhecity. The experience of covering the city with added elements of information based workshops make the trips even more purposeful and memorable. I recommend this platform to every travel buff who plans to explore their city with a difference!

Varuna K. (Host For Workshops with "Yoga with V")